5 Ways You Can Help


Donate to The Lamb House
by credit card, PayPal or check

We are proud of what we have achieved, but to continue providing temporary shelter to those forced from their home by fire or natural disaster, we need your support!

Or send your check to The Lamb House, PO Box 355, Cherryfield, ME 04622.  You can specify how you want your donation to be spent!

You may choose to fund either:

Operational costs

It takes $12,000 to run The Lamb House for a year.


a Special Project


  • Remove shingles, inspect, and replace damaged deck boards, and install new shingles.


  • When roof repairs are complete, insulate the attic by removing the ceiling, walls, and floors in the third story.  Blow in cellulose insulation.
  • Repair the old, loose-fitting, single-pane windows.  Install modern double-pane windows if necessary.

The Lamb House is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.



Volunteers are needed to serve on Committees — write grants – act as community ambassadors — perform maintenance and repairs on scheduled Lamb House workdays — work at the auction – work at the annual Gi-Normous Yard Sale — do website maintenance/ updates – take photos — help with lawn and landscaping.


Make an In-Kind Donation

Businesses, we happily accept donations of materials!

Professionals, we are grateful for your time and expertise!


Serve on the Board of Directors

We are seeking new Board Members to lead the organization.

The Lamb House is operated by a working Board of Directors, which means that, in addition to meeting once a month, Board Members take an active role in running The Lamb House.  Board Members approve an annual budget and are expected to serve on one of the committees that manage the maintenance and repairs of the facility, plan, promote and implement fund-raising events, request donations, apply for grants, and recruit, reward and maintain volunteers, as well as act as liaisons with the community.


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