Success Stories

A Place To Come Home To

In the early morning hours of a September morning, the residents of a house in Cherryfield woke to find their home engulfed in flames. They were forced to flee for their lives. The homeowner, TH, lost everything. After a month of couch surfing with family and friends, she moved into The Lamb House.

“My house burned to the ground. Not only did I suffer post-traumatic stress from the horror of watching my beautiful house burn, but I also lost several beloved pets and everything in the house including family heirlooms. I was devastated.

My family, friends, co-workers, and the community reached out to me in my time of crisis, but The Lamb House gave me a place to come home to. It was truly a refuge for me during my time of healing and recovery. It felt like home to me during the few months when I worked hard to plan and organize and make my new home a reality.”  

A Safe, Warm Home

The foundation of SL’s home was damaged by a January flood that left the house unsafe. During the almost two years it took for them to be able to move back to their property, the family lived in three different places. At first, they moved into a seasonal rental, but when the summer season started, they had to seek a new place.  Next, they stayed in The Lamb House until they secured long-term temporary housing. The family now resides in a new mobile home on their property.

“You let our family call this our home.  We had a safe, warm house where we were able to stay together in our time of need.  Being a single Mom with 3 children living through the difficult time of losing our home due to a storm, I thought we would be apart for days at a time.  But thanks to this house we were able to stay together as a family.  We are so very thankful for that.”

Volunteer Organizations

“As a mobile health program, our team of healthcare providers and Community Health Workers travels throughout the state to serve migrant workers in Maine.  Our team is always grateful for the opportunity to stay at the Lamb House. It’s both spacious and cozy.  The accommodations are just the right fit when our staff is away from home.” 


“I’m Joe, a community health worker at the Maine Migrant Health Program. For a bit over a month this summer, I lived at The Lamb House! I loved staying there – I’ve been living in dorms lately, and it was nice to spend time in a real house! It reminded me of the house I grew up in and brought back many awesome memories from my childhood. Some would say that living without TV and internet at home is horrible – but I loved it! I really got to know the people with whom I was living and also read books I wouldn’t have given myself the time to read! It’s in such a perfect location – close to nature while also being close to stores. If I were to spend another month Downeast, I would do it again at The Lamb House”